Reading this material many are unwilling or unable to overcome their own ego and admit their mistakes. Practically 99% of all "clairvoyants" whose advice is so readily and blindly followed by thousands of people in reality rely on information of dubious origin. Without recognizing what is taking place, "clairvoyants" interact whole-heartedly with Seth, intercourse with whom always leads a human being to death! For this very reason the "cosmic teachers" of our acknowledged teachers (Helena Roerich, Madame Blavatsky, Osho and others) never bothered to warn their pupils of the most important thing - the mortal danger lying in wait for them! Where then is the great cosmic love and goodness that "clairvoyants" and "prophets" around the world ecstatically proclaim?

Aggressive disagreement with what has just been stated will be due to difficulty in understanding and acknowledging that while believing themselves members of an elect these people were actually dancing with the Father of Lies (Seth), deceived and unprotected. It is no coincidence that in most ancient times the god Seth was depicted with the head of an ass, and later was a symbol of misfortune for the farmers of the Nile delta.

The successes that "clairvoyants" declare in diagnosing and treating illness, truth-like divination and forecasts that persuade the unenlightened that their "guru" communicates with a "divine teacher" in reality fall within the bounds of the understanding that the astral plane (Seth) is our second energy body and so he knows all about us.

A few words about the gift of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance, like the ability to communicate telepathically is something inherent in a person's genes. The discovery and development of this capability in people in the future will be bound up primarily with the harmonious (and not one-sided) development of civilization and energy capabilities taking into account the very important factors described above and things of which humanity is not yet aware.

Profound medical studies have shown that in the overwhelming majority of "clairvoyants" the manifestation of this ability is connected with a local inflammation of the brain. (Examples that illustrate the brain's ability to react with the appearance of precise visions and clearly distinguishable voices when individual areas of the cortex are stimulated with weak electric current and magnets are given in Appendix 9).

This is precisely the factor responsible in ordinary circumstances for the spontaneous appearance of the gift of clairvoyance, automatic writing, voices inside the head and so on. In the main this anomaly is the result of an injury, heavy stress, sometimes due to hereditary predisposition and is intensified by entering a dense energy environment - a church, for example. Daily services with thousands of people participating over a long period of time create a fairly powerful energy flow in places of worship. If a person with a mild local inflammation of the brain enters a church as an energy-filled place, the energy imbalance (excess) in the inflamed region is made worse by the powerful energy flow in the locality. As a rule this is accompanied by a mild, and at times serious psychological disorder. The sufferer falls on the floor, begins to writhe about and shout, producing strange inhuman sounds. To the observer it may seem that the person has been "possessed by the Devil". In which case the priest begins to drive out the evil spirit with prayer.

The power and sense of prayer lies in the fact that in addressing God and pronouncing the prayer in a particular rhythm the priest creates an energy flow of a particular frequency, partially redressing the imbalance in the biological rhythm of the inflamed region of the brain. This has a beneficial effect and as a result the person gradually comes to their senses. This is a demonstration of the power of prayer, on the one hand, and an indication, on the other, that the Christian tradition has preserved knowledge of methods of restoring biorhythms through rhythmically pronounced prayers.

Lastly: Modern medicine considers cancer a systemic disorder. Viewing cancer as an anomalous process, medicine is justified in calling it a disease, although in our view that is not quite correct. Cancer is one of the phases of the genetic program recorded in the DNA of each of us.

Lacking a conception of the real processes taking place during the formation of a new energy system associated with oncological disorders, some healers self-confidently assert that they are able to fight the disease and supposedly can point to successes.

As in reality the number of cases of stabilization of the disease process by healers is so infinitesimally small as to make it impossible to assess even one instance from a scientific point of view, we should stress the following.

There are several reasons behind the appearance of cancer. Mainly they are nervous stresses, the effect of radiation and injuries. If a cancer is due to one of those causes, treatment may bring a positive result. [See note 131].

If, on the other hand, a cancer is due to a genetic slip-up (the spontaneous launch of a genetic program) or the effect of the turning on of a genetic program in connection with the transition of the energy system to another, higher energy level, treatment using extrasensory methods, bio-informational programming or the means available to present-day medicine will not produce a positive result. Such a sufferer is doomed. There is only one small chance that can be taken using a large-size pyramid and the magneto-therapy method which may just destabilize the formation of anew energy system. (See the section on cancer in the medical instructions for the use of the Wands of Horus).

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