The Iuau Papyrus found at Thebes by Theodore M. Davis contains a variant version of the chapter which gives the names of the "worms" and a vignette containing their depictions. It is notable that they are nine in number, the same as the quantity of energy bodies in the human being and the Universe (according to the KABALAON). Here are the names:

The last character in each name is the symbol indicating a "worm" (snake). That prompts the thought that each of the energy bodies of the human being (Universe) is the side of the "Boat of Ra" next to which is one of the serpents that is one of the nine hypostases of Apopis, swimming beside the nine-dimensional essence of the "Boat of Ra".

The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day contain texts referring to the possibility of the Sakhu (spiritual body) consisting of a number of souls (bodies), its mind and its life energy, entering the Duat. In late versions of the chapter, the meaning of these texts that once had practical relevance is reduced to banal incantations addressed to the denizen of the Sacred Mountain requesting that the deceased be delivered from harm with which people associated the "serpents dwelling in Ra-stau". [26] In other words practical actions were replaced by incantations.

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