Humanity has always suffered from an inclination to simplify what is actually evolving into something more complex, thus increasing the gulf between reality and what people think of it. Pursuing this course, humanity has reached that extreme degree of absurdity where highly important and complex spiritual ideas and practices have been replaced by, for example, "the great mantra for liberating the mind: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama,:" That way is easier - no need to study the laws of nature and, through analyzing them to seek serious courses.

Just picture what life-forms millions of years ago that were born and lived in the ocean had to go through so as one day to come out onto the land and form a new evolutionary branch. Human beings, on the other hand, out of spiritual laziness, are constantly seeking easy paths along which they will always find those ready to exploit that weakness. Nonetheless, people are generally well-disposed to others and willingly accept those who spot this helplessness and offer simple solutions. Some "teachers" from extreme despair proclaim a mantra in the hope that through saying or chanting it humanity will at least be doing something to further the harmonization of its inner state, connecting itself with god. Others exploit the prevailing situation to their own personal ends. For a long time it seemed that the extreme level of spiritual degradation had been reached, but evidently not.

The new "teachers" who succeeded the old ones have gone even further. Making their own contribution to intensifying the process of degradation, today's "gurus" are offering an even simpler means to "spiritual perfection" and the solution to all problems. Now one no longer needs to burden oneself with chanting or even whispering. It is enough to use Igor Serov's amorphous matrices as produced by the company MATRIX or Vergun's applicators to correct problems with one's body, one's soul and even one's car. Place the matrix applicators on whatever you think needs harmonizing and, according to the new "doctrine", the world will begin to improve itself, returning to the paradise that was Eden. (For more details of this notion, see the section on The Endocrinal Orientation of Palaeotechnology).

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