Here is the bizarre way (nonetheless partially preserving the idea) in which this is mentioned in one of the texts of The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day:

"The Pharaoh sets off for the Duat. There he enters the 'Great House of the Two: the House of Fire' where in the course of the 'night of the calculation of years' he will be turned into the Divine Being and ascend 'to the eastern edge of the Heavens'. Passing through the lands of Horus, the Pharaoh approaches the domains of Seth.

It is important to note that passing through the "lands of Horus" with whose name the "principle of harmony" had been associated since very ancient times is an allegorical way of referring to undergoing the first stage of harmonization, the stage of synchronizing the first energy body on the way to harmonizing the psycho-emotional state.

A small, but very important digression.

One of the divine, in the true sense of the word, qualities of human beings lies in the fact that as soon as (he or she) they synchronize their bio-energy rhythms with the first five energy bodies of the Earth, all the "veils of maya" fall away and they begin to see the world with different eyes. First, though, the pharaoh had to cross "the domains of Seth", which in practical terms was achieved by synchronizing the bio-energy rhythms of the first three energy bodies of the Earth and the human being. When the pharaoh managed to synchronize his fifth energy body with the fifth energy body of the Earth, the "Middle Gate of Heaven" opened before him and he understood the world, seeing the gods. There was nothing that interrupted his gaze.

A person who has achieved this result has no need of aircraft to move his mind to other times and places to communicate with others like him. The ancient texts refer to a person with such abilities as Osiris, a god and steward of the Duat.

The original meaning behind the cult of Osiris lay in the possibility of "intercourse with the gods" in a different state of consciousness through the fifth (Osirian) human energy body after its synchronization with the fifth energy body of the Earth. This is one of the reasons why the Giza pyramid complex where synchronization of the fifth energy body took place was called the "fifth division of the Duat".

Fig. 167. Mural of the burial of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings.
Depicted in the upper part of the composition are nine bodies symbolizing the energy bodies of the human being, the fifth of which is the Osirian. It is placed in the fifth sector and above it is the familiar hieroglyph , meaning Osiris. In the present case it is the eye and throne of Osiris and thus the hieroglyph can be interpreted as follows: "the place [body] where God [the eye of god] sits enthroned or dwells".

The Duat is one more mystery in the spiritual world of the ancients that Egyptologists have been unable to solve, a secret of which we shall reveal a little today.

The meaning that lies behind this word had an immense significance for Ancient Egyptian spiritual doctrine: and even more for us who try to rediscover what lies behind the ancient texts.

The concept of the Duat carries within it the idea of a universal energy structure of mutually interpenetrating energy planes, of the energy bodies of the Universe (ON) and of the human being, because this informational-energetic structure is one. The ancient symbol indicates this directly. Just look at the pictogram representing the concept of Duat . The symbol conveys in a brilliantly simple, but absolutely precise and eloquent manner the idea behind the hieroglyph. The five-pointed star is the human being with five axes of symmetry, while the circle around it is the symbol of the energy system, the aura around the body. At the same time, depending on the context, the sign can convey the idea of a star and its surrounding informational-energetic field. This symbol is organically connected with the teaching about the unity of energy-system structure Human Being-Earth-Universe.

It is no coincidence that in some texts of The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day the Duat was depicted as a space delimited by the body of a god (human being). See Fig. 168. Note that in the upper part of the Duat, represented in the image by the closed circle of the god there is an exit to the firmament (which was symbolized by the goddess Nut). From there it was possible to reach the Undying Star (symbolized by the Heavenly Disc).

An important detail of this depiction is that the "exit to the firmament" is located in the top of Nut's head, in the place where the column of energy (the flow of Ra) soars up from a human being's head. (See Appendix 4).

Let us return to the ancient text.

"And so, the Pharaoh was to leave the domains of Horus and head eastwards into the 'realm of Seth', where he needed to find a chasm between two 'rocks trembling before Seth'. But first the Pharaoh had to cross deserted and dreary lands that form a broad strip separating the domains of Horus and Seth. Here the tale of the Pharaoh's journeying reaches its culmination: the Pharaoh approaches Amon-Ta (the Secret Place) which is the site of the Door of the Heavens."

At that spot the first beings of the energy world appear, summoned to monitor the passages between the energy planes (interspatial passages). They meet every person who passes this stage.

"Carefully, but persistently, the Pharaoh declared his divine origins, asserting that he had been brought hither by his 'father Ra'."

The first serious hurdle on the Pharaoh's way is the "long Reed Lake with swampy water". The Reed Lake lay on the eastern border of Horus's domains. Alongside extended the lands belonging to his envier Seth. This allegory explains that immediately beyond the "lands of Horus"(the first energy body or first level of the Duat) come the "lands of Seth" (the second energy body or second level of the Duat). The lake of swampy water is a symbol for the energy "membrane" or transitional zone between the energy bodies. Here the first trial awaits the Pharaoh, a difficulty which any person making an attempt to pass through the "Heavenly Gate" will encounter.

To overcome the obstacle the Pharaoh needs the blessing of his escort-god. The crossing of the lake (passing through the energy environment) is accomplished with the aid of the Divine Ferryman who carries the gods across to the other shore in a boat constructed by the Divine Craftsman. This is a symbol indicating the need to use particular divine forces (energies) to accomplish this part of the journey.

When the pharaoh obtained the blessing of the gods, the boat and its oars or rudder came to life at the will of mysterious forces; the vessel began to move on its own and sailed up to the Pharaoh as he sat on the shore. One way or another the Pharaoh landed on the opposite side. Now he needed to make for "the Two Who Bring the Heavens Closer".

Fig. 169 Fragment of a papyrus
In practical terms the Pharaoh obtained the blessing of the god for the crossing (the aid of divine force) as a result of certain preparation (practice). This picture shows, albeit in a very fanciful way, the use of the Wands of Horus to overcome the obstacle. They are depicted beneath the hands of the walking figure. Classical Egyptology interprets them as "a lake of water" or the "Great Green Lake". It is obvious, however, that the reference is to a "source of energy" - two cylinders with waves depicted within them (symbolizing vibratory processes) that have to be applied to the palms. It is noteworthy in this context that the energies radiated by the hands and chakras is green! The "God of a Million Years" sitting alongside is also an energy being, since his body is covered with the tell-tale wavy lines that are a direct indication of his belonging to the energy plane. (See Appendix 14) In his right hand the god holds a Khakh staff representing eternity and infinity.
By using the wands to synchronize his energy bodies and harmonize his psycho-emotional state, the Pharaoh obtained the opportunity to overcome the obstacle" and move on.

The main task and meaning of the action described here lay in overcoming the "swampy waters" (low-quality energies) separating the "lands of Horus" from the "lands of Seth" and then the actual dominions of Seth, avoiding encounters and conversations with anyone. (Contactees and practitioners, on the other hand, are keen to enter into conversation!)

Many of the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day mention "Beings that the 'departed' fear because they can harm them, carrying off their hearts. They are 'the belligerent gods dwelling in Annu (ON)' and Seth, the god of evil."

If everything is done properly, though:

"The glistening Eye of Horus comes. It comes in calm and sends ahead the rays of the light of Ra who lives on the horizon and it breaks down the powers of Seth in accordance with the direction...».

"They make your way pleasant and cast down the demons of Seth in your name."

In other words the person overcomes the obstacle and passes through the "lands of Seth" without the mishaps and dangers lying in wait for the uninformed.

An illustration for another chapter shows the person described in the text moving ahead, making for Ra-Stau.

Ra-Stau (Ra-Setau) is the name given to the fifth division of the Duat, which translates literally as "the place of drawing through" into the other world. That is how the complex of great pyramids at Giza was called in ancient times. That means that the person described in the text went to Ra-Stau in order to pass into a different world.

The text states: "As for the 'reservoir of Ma'at' [the energies of the Law], it is the path for Abtu (the fifth, Osirian energy body) along which his father Tem travels when he goes to Sekhet-Aaru [the kingdom of Osiris in the Duat], the region that gives food and nourishment to the gods who are concealed: The gate of Tchesert is the gate of the Duat, the twin-leafed gate through which the god Tem passes when he makes for the eastern horizon of the heavens."

The texts contain many chapters explaining the purpose of this journey. It involved passing through Amontet (the Duat) and entering the region of daylight where the Pharaoh, having vanquished Seth, met Osiris, his father (and entered into contact with the gods).

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