Traces of the lost integrity of knowledge can be found in many ancient hermetical texts. Despite the distortions resulting from the influence of changing religious views, some texts preserved ideas that have their origins in deep antiquity.

The Poemandres of Hermes Trismegistos":

"The birth of the 'seven persons'[seven energy bodies] took place in this way. Nature gave the four elements. Earth was the female principle, water the life-creating element [male principle], fire brought things to maturity, out of the ether. Nature received the life spirit and brought into the world a body in the image of the Human Being, a body of human form. And the Human Being turned from life and Light into spirit and mind; spirit came to him from life, mind came to him from Light:" [27].

Traces of the knowledge that the Earth was involved in the act of creating humanity have also been discovered with the Maya. It was preserved in the system that produced the Mayan calendar. Their annual cycle lasted 260 days. They based their calculations on the idea that Mother Earth, like a woman, carries the fruit of her womb for nine months. Those 260 days are not the cosmic cycle of some planet, but the earthly cycle of a pregnant woman. The Mayan priests went on to multiply their 260-day cycle by 52. Then they divided the result by 365, producing three 12-year cycles with a small margin of error 37 years (a shift "mistake" of one year).

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