In the ancient system of teaching that is known to us as TAROT cards, there is a very important primary card (the Major Arcana) that shows a Magician standing behind a stone table.

Lying on the table are magic objects that symbolize the four elements. These are:

A bowl - the symbol of accumulation, gathering and nourishment. Of the Water of Life. Water is energy (it is no coincidence that water was depicted on dolmens.)

A pentagram - a symbol of earth and the human being (a symbol of the five-rayed symmetry inherent in living things).

A wand - the symbol of Air, Heaven, the governance of the world. In one hand the Magician holds the wand raised above his head (a symbol of the flow of cosmic forces), while his other hand points to the Earth (a symbol of the descent of energy to the Earth, of synchronization). In other words, the wand synchronizes "what lies above with what lies below. This is all that remains in the Tarot of the idea of synchronization.

The serpent that encircles the magician is a symbol of wisdom and (energetic) protection. The serpent is energy that provides defence, health, knowledge or wisdom.

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