The nine "gods" symbolize the nine energy bodies of the Creator. In depicting the "gods" in the body of a human being, the ancients had no intention of saying that the "gods" were beings with human form. The depiction of bodies is used only to explain that the reference is to something that relates to human beings, to their physical shell and energy bodies.

In the work known as The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day there are texts that retain traces of the "KA-BA-LA-ON" doctrine. In them a human being identifies himself with the Spirit of Ra, a spirit that is God or the Deity. It follows from the text that the basis (structure) of the human being is identical to the inner basis of the gods.

The Hymn in honour of Ra on the papyrus of Kenna (Leyden) contains these words:

"I greet thee, o [Ra], you who rise into the Nu and who in his embodiment illuminates the world with light: O, Thou beautiful and beloved child - Man."

In Chapter 56 of the Papyrus of Nun (British Museum, No 10477, f. 9) we find:

"I am the divine Spirit of Ra, appearing from the Nun; t divine spirit that is God himself. I am the first-born god of primaeval material. The Divine Spirit, the equal of the Spirits of the immortal gods, and my body itself is eternity.

Chapter 147 of the Papyrus of Ani (British Museum, No 10470, f. 12) says the following:

"Truly I say, o Osiris, I am the spiritual body [sakh] of a god:"

In many hymns we can find these words:

"your covering is before my gaze; may all his body resemble the body of a god.
You created a covering for me; I created for you a covering, the divine soul."

Hermetic texts [27] present an astonishing picture of "seven heavens", seven circles or seven Rulers (the seven energy bodies of the Universe and the human being, as planes of existence and at the same time containing the matrices of the seven centres of the human endocrine system).

"And this ruler of the world (ON) and of beings mortal and silent through the universal connections and the strong structure of circles showed to Nature below the beautiful image of Go9d. Before this wondrous beauty, where all the energies of the "seven Rulers" were united in the form of God...

Hermes:Did you not learn in the "General Principles" that all the spirits that spread through all parts of the world come from the Single Soul, the Soul of the Universe...

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