Fig. 163 Fragment of wall-painting in the tomb of Queen Nefer-Ta-Ra (Nefertari), a wife of Ramses II

Take a look at the hieroglyph. These three symbols denote the word "eternity". Left and right are signs standing for "KA-BA". This is the simple, laconic symbol that the priests of antiquity used to describe the concept:

- "single" - each sign is formed from just one "thread"
- "connected" - the thread is folded in half and twisted into a spiral
- "opposite" - the coils of the spirals turn in opposite directions

The "KA" flow is on the left, the "BA" on the right. Each of the flows is in turn also dual (made up of two flows).

Above is the hieroglyph for energy. In the centre is the "RA" disc, the symbol of the Sole Creator. In deep antiquity the addition of the suffix -Ra to a name indicated the presence of a developed energy radiation (column) above a person's head that was the result of activating the spine. Such a spine was symbolized by the stylized hieroglyphic sign

(See Apendix 4).

It is necessary to point out that Shema Taui "vignette", orientated the way showing that «КА» — is right side of human body, «БА» — left side. Right side is cherged positevely (structuring nature), left side - negatively (structured nature).

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