After completing a qualitative transition billions of years ago, the Creator entered a new state. In essence, the Creator was reborn in a new quality, on a new, even higher level. Just as a human being born in a new incarnation, in a new body, in a new time and space, needs to rediscover himself and the world around him of which he is part, the Creator too, after acquiring absolutely new qualities and becoming something else, began a process of discovery of Himself and of nature in the bosom of which He exists. Through human beings (his projections) the Creator observes and learns about the world, advancing on the path of self-knowledge and self-perfection.

Here are a few traces of that ancient knowledge that found reflection in the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation:

"Ra, or Ra-Tem, rose from the Nun (the primaeval waters "energy") of the Hidden Being and began sailing on the Boat of Millions of Years." ("Sailing" means the beginning of movement in the universe (finding out about himself). Movement presupposes that the events take place in space and time, in other words are accessible to the senses. The universe begins to exist as a mass of moving beings (projections). That movement was preceded by the original state of being without any sort of form outside of time and space.

"After appearing Ra created everything that arose from his being and he was inside of his creation as in his body."

Having created the universe out of himself, the Supreme Being, directed his Eye (mind) into that which had been created. Then the mind "became lost" in creation and turned into the souls of human beings and all forms of life, having forgotten about its true identity. The Eye lost in creation is the human soul caught up in the cycle of reincarnations ("birth-death-birth") as a result of loss of memory and distraction (ignorance of its true nature). The Supreme Being (Ra) despatched the messenger of wisdom (Thoth) in the forms of Metu Nether (the ancient doctrine of wisdom) and Sbai (spiritual mentors - gurus) to inform the Eye of its true nature. "Remembering" what it really is, the Eye returns to its fitting place. [18].

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