By projection we mean human being.

In order to describe the method of research using "projections", let us, purely hypothetically, imagine the Creator as the most up-to-date computer on which the very latest program is installed.

The computer and the program are made in such a way that they can test and improve themselves and, by building up certain experience (a database) autonomously change their own parameters to take account of the data (variants) obtained.

In order to test and make known all the program's possibilities, both evident and concealed, the computer autonomously creates within itself a large number of mini-programs (projections of the main program). Those mini-programs, carrying out all possible operations in all the blocks and systems, in all possible variations reveal weaknesses and strengths, studying the principles that were laid in the basis of the idea of the program and of the computer itself. Thus, after a given amount of time, when all possible variations have been calculated, a new-generation program with maximum stability and a striving to self-knowledge and self-improvement will be developed.

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