Before continuing our examination of the architecture of the principles embodied in the Wands of Horus, we would point out that in helping you to grasp the theoretical concepts of the Ancient Egyptian initiates, we are restoring scientific-historical justice,[97], paying tribute to our remote predecessors who strove to unite the world through knowledge.

The Mechanism of the Wands of Horus
with coal and Bja (ferromagnetic filling)

The knowledge embodied in the construction of the Wands of Horus with a filling of coal and "Bja"[57], has its origins in the Tep Zepi era when, according to the ancient texts, "the gods dwelt on Earth and conversed with humans". In order to tap this knowledge we consult texts that have preserved traces of the scientific-and-philosophical conceptions of the most ancient scientific paradigm. Although the texts to which we point your attention are fairly well known., the meaning lying behind them remained unelucidated:

Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis (The Emerald Tablet of Hermes)

"The whole world that lies below has been set in order and filled with content with the aid of things that are placed above; because the things that are below lack the power to set in order the world above. Weaker secrets should yield to stronger ones; the systems of things above is stronger than the things below"

This simple text, that is, however, chiefly perceived from positions of comparative philosophy, expounds in the most general form the seminal theory of "synchronization" that is the foundation of the mechanism of evolution.

The different, religious view of the world that came to replace knowledge thousands of years ago adapted the meaning of the ancient texts, bringing them into line with the interests of the new ideology. Thus, purging the tablet of the traces of the "creative labours" of religious grammatists, we translate the text into language that more accurately conveys its original sense:

"The whole world that lies below has been set in order and filled with content with the aid of things that are placed above; because the things that are below lack the power to set in order the world above. Weaker secrets should yield to stronger ones; the systems of things above is stronger than the things below"

The true, deep-lying content of the text explains that

"The whole world that is at a low level of development is structured (organized) and develops thanks to energies (nature) of a higher order; because energies of a lower nature do not have the power to create nature of a higher order. The organization and mechanisms for the development of lower nature are subordinated to the forces of the nature of a higher order; energies of a higher order are more complex in structural organization (nature) than those of a lower order."

The text cited contains the essence of the doctrine that the evolution of material and consciousness is a manifestation of nature of a higher order. The initiated eye will immediately spot the indication surviving in the text to the factor of synchronization "with the world that lies above", as a course predetermined by nature itself. The text of The Emerald Tablet of Hermes points directly to this:

"And as all things proceeded from the One through the agency of the One, so were all things born of this single essence through adaptation..."

Therefore the true and deliberate course of development (from the viewpoint of palaeo-science and palaeo-technology) requires synchronization with some evolution-stimulating energy[98] belonging to a higher order of nature, the projection of which is the human being.

These fundamental scientific and cosmological ideas were expounded by the priests in the Ancient Egyptian texts and "Hermetical" manuscripts. They were all received in deep antiquity from the Metu Nefer (Nether) and Shemsu Hor (Shemse-Heru) and, reflecting the philosophy of "as above, so below", were aimed at telling how to turn cosmic forces to the Earth, which is an important step in humanity's striving to learn about the divine and the immortality of the soul.

Here is what was preserved on this matter in the book Hermes Trismegistos:

"And I, said Hermes, shall make humanity rational, give it wisdom and pass on the truth. I shall never cease working for the benefit of the life of mortals, each and every one, so that the natural forces acting within them might be in harmony with the stars that are above us."

The authorship of the "Hermetical texts" is attributed to Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom. In one of the remarkable passages , he tells his pupil Asclepius:

"Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is a reflection of the sky? Or, to be more precise, in Egypt all the actions of the forces that rule and act in the sky, have been brought down onto the earth?" [5].

The knowledge of the necessity for synchronization is of such profound significance for humanity that when received in ancient times it became the foundation of the Ancient Egyptian "Canon". Following the letter of the Canon, the idea of synchronization was perpetuated by the priests through the construction of a whole complex of pyramids on Egyptian soil in strict accordance with the pattern of the night sky. Thus the entire complex of pyramids is part of a great, but forgotten palaeo-technology, aimed at providing selected individuals with the chance to possess the secret of cosmic wisdom, connecting the Earth with the heavens by which means it is possible to overcome the "boundary of death".[4]

Many Ancient Egyptian wall texts and papyruses contain information about the event known as "the unification of the two lands". The idea of uniting Upper and Lower Egypt (not only southern and northern, as classical Egyptology tells us, but also Earthly and Heavenly) in a single kingdom is connected precisely with the very ancient theory of synchronization "of what lies below with what lies above". Otherwise what was the aim of the priests when they created a likeness of the sky on the ground at Giza? Or, to put it another way, why was it necessary to bring the image of heaven down to Earth?

The creation of a geographic (geometric) copy of the night sky gives nothing from the point of view of "concordance" or harmonic resonance, if only because the sky that we see is in reality different, with depth and curvature not observable from the surface of the Earth.

In actual fact the exact transfer of the night sky onto the Earth was carried out for one sole purpose - to record and perpetuate in architecture the idea of "synchronization". Therein lies one of the reason why the predominant theme in the ancient texts is the heaven-earth dualism, interwoven with questions of resurrection and the immortality of the soul. The aim of harnessing the heavenly forces is, according to Thoth (Hermes),to make easier the "initiates'" search for immortality.

Moving on to an examination of the basics of the mechanism by which the Wands of Horus with coal and iron filling operate we focus on a very important branch of palaeo-science, the significance and meaning of which escaped researchers throughout the entire post-Egyptian period. I refer to what are known as the "Platonic bodies". (fig.37).

This solid figures were name in honour of Plato, although they were mentioned more than a century before him by Pythagoras, who got his education in Egypt and called them ideal geometric bodies.[99].

In the schools of Atlantis, and later in Ancient Egypt, the significance of these five bodies was viewed from a different angle. They were studied, first and foremost, as structural components of energy fields in the space around a human being. This ancient teaching, much distorted over time, has come down to us in the form of information that such elements as fire, earth, air, water and ether have different shapes. According to this surviving lore, the elements corresponded to the "Platonic Bodies" in this way:

tetrahedron - fire
octahedron - air
cube - earth
dodecahedron - ether, or prana
icosahedron - water

This is all that remains of a very important branch of ancient knowledge.

Fire, Air, Earth, ether (Prana) and Water are in reality symbolic names for energy flows possessing particular properties and structural characteristics. In order to understand why the geometric figures correspond to the "elements", we need to examine their structural organization.

The icosahedron symbolizes water. This connection was not chosen at random: water has a tetrahedral structure(!), while structurally an icosahedron consists of twenty tetrahedra.[10](See Appendix 2, "The Principle of Correspondence").

The reason why the cube is associated with earth is in turn connected with the fact that the crystalline structure of coal and iron found in the earth's crust is cubic! For this very reason when the priests were faced with the need to create an instrument capable of synchronizing a human being's energy structure with the flows in the energy structure of the Earth, they used:

1.iron, since the Earth's core is iron[100] and its crust contains enormous reserves of iron in the form of iron ore.

2.coal, of which there are immense deposits in the Earth's crust.

By following this line we find the answer to why in order to synchronize the energy structure of the human being with the flows of cosmic energy transformed by the Earth's core and crust the Ancients, following the "principle of Correspondence", used materials with a cubic crystal structure resonant with the Earth! Hence among the "Platonic bodies" the cube is associated with the Earth, and the materials chosen to fill the "Wands of Horus" that synchronized a person with the energy flows of the Earth were coal[101] and Bja (iron).

In moving on to examine the processes that result from the interaction of the Wands of Horus with processes taking place in the Earth's crust and core, it makes sense to point out the following:

It has been shown scientifically that synchronization begins between two oscillators (human being-Earth, iron-human being) even at a small amplitude. No matter how weak the link between the interacting oscillators, within a certain time a regime of synchronization will inevitably be established.

Regarding the existence of interaction between the Wands of Horus and the Earth's energy flows, it should be noted that the lower the energy of the quanta, the greater the distances over which the oscillators can interact. Thus, irrespective of distance, within planetary limits, the fillings for the Wands of Horus are in constant electromagnetic interaction with the Earth's energy system.

Examining the deep-running aspects of the effect of the Wands of Horus with coal and iron filling on the human organism, we should begin with the fact that blood contains nano-particles of magnetite. This sheds some light on the secret of the influence that weak electromagnetic fields have on the organism. The tiny crystal of magnetite in a cell alters its behaviour, activating, for example, the transfer of ions through the cell membrane. Weak electromagnetic waves of a certain wavelength and frequency reduce blood pressure and cure headaches.

Each cell of the living organism is a generator of electromagnetic radiation, commensurate with the linear dimensions of the cell itself. The main particle of the atom is the electron. Therefore the combination of permanent and alternating magnetic field that arises from the interaction of the Wands of Horus with the human organism influences the transportation of ions through the cell membranes.

Let us just remember that electromagnetic fields are the basis for all the vital activities of the universe, its galaxies, solar systems, planets and living organisms. Therefore living tissues react to the local influence of magnetic fields, normalizing the function of organs of self-regulation. The energy and biomagnetic structures of the human being are constructed in a similar way to the corresponding structures of the Earth. The planet has a magnetic field with force lines (magnetic vectors) emerging from the area of the North Pole and entering at the area of the South Pole. The human magnetic field is a miniature model of the planetary field. As soon as the coal-iron Wands of Horus are held in the hands, they begin to stimulate the organism, improving tonus and circulation, stimulating the heart rhythm.

At the same time general indicators of cardiac function improve as the heart begins to work more rhythmically. If a person has arrhythmia, then this type of the Wands of Horus helps to compensate that problem. Meanwhile the general stimulation of the organism's magnetic field will to some degree help to stabilize (arrest) the formation of benign growths, inhibiting the appearance of congestive symptoms. The Wands of Horus Kont with coal and ferromagnetic material stimulate the breakdown of salts and their natural excretion from the body.

(Detailed information on the mechanism by which the wands with a coal-iron filling influence the human organism will be presented in the medical instructions for the use of the Wands of Horus.)

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