Many, many years ago the Jewish prophet Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar an astonishing truth in the upper temple of the Babylonian ziggurat:

«Now learning about the soul and learning about the stars are separate, but the time will come when those two branches join and then there will be one God upon Earth and one nation.».

That time is coming.

The man who wrote this book has devoted his life and creative efforts to the joining of those two branches of learning, knowledge about the soul and knowledge about the stars.

The book you are holding is the fruit of more than fourteen years of searching, a study in the field of palaeo natural history, palaeo-science, palaeo-technology and ufology. Dozens of expeditions to different parts of the world, thousands of scattered fragments of ancient writings, the study of a host of artefacts and talks with hundreds of people connected in one way or another with exceptional historical events - all of this lies behind the material presented here.

Decades of serious laboratory research and experiments were needed so as to not only read the wisdom of the ancient hierophants from the days of the Atlantean race and the warnings left from the time of dynastic Egypt, but also to recreate those spiritual technologies and tools that were intended to allow an apprentice to ascend without danger to degrees of higher spiritual initiation. Immense theological work was required to cleanse world religious conceptions of later dogmatic and canonical accretions caused by the loss of arcane knowledge due to endless wars and the fall of human civilizations.

You hold in your hands not simply the revived knowledge of the ancient wise men, you have here a methodology enabling the modern-day person to ascend the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and, bearing in mind the warnings left by the Ancient Egyptian priests, to taste of the Tree of Life, to pass the boundary of death and resurrection, advancing along the path taken by the ancient hierophants and the Christian mystics.

I would like to remind those militant dogmatists in both Orthodox and Catholic Churches who without examining the essence of an issue are always ready to unsheathe their swords for battle of one historical fact. The prophet Moses, after being adopted by pharaoh's sister, was a pupil at one of the temples of Amon-Ra in Egypt. He went through the full course of Hermetic initiation and became the high priest Asarsef before taking the name Moses and bringing the knowledge and practical skills of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries to the Jewish people, and through that people to the Holy Apostles. It was only the countless persecutions of Christians in the early centuries of Christianity and the folly of the Middle Ages that erased that knowledge from human memory.

I would like to hope that this book will help all those who read it attentively to cast off the fetters of religious, occult and esoteric prejudices and accomplish an astonishing, staggeringly powerful and beautiful ascent to the heights of spiritual enlightenment, whatever persuasion they may belong to.

A good journey to you, you romantics of spiritual wanderings.
Archbishop Theodore of Yaroslavl and Sergiyev Posad,
Member of the Holy Synod of the True Orthodox Church of Russia
22 September 2003