Symbol of «energy» in encient Egyptian hieroglyphic system

One of the reasons why humanity has still not appreciated the level of knowledge possessed by the Ancient Egyptian priests lies in the incorrect interpretation of the hieroglyphs.

The most important aspects of the knowledge handed down by the priests from generation to generation were recorded in the language of symbols, not words. A hieroglyph might contain several levels of information (meanings). Individual symbols conveyed the meaning of a whole doctrine, while the expression of a single idea sometimes requires the writing of whole volumes of books. Moreover, writing things down in words opens the door to incorrect interpretation and manipulation.

One of the reasons that humanity has still not recognised the depth of the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian priests has lain in the incorrect reading of the hieroglyphs.

The ability to read the sacred texts was lost long before the sunset of the Egyptian civilisation. The priests of the last dynasties were no longer bearers of knowledge who appreciated its true meaning. When they painted their hieroglyphs on the walls of temples, they had as much understanding of them as a Christian priest might have of a quantum physics textbook.

It is for this very reason that the Ancient Egyptian doctrine about, for example, the "water of life" that Aristotle took from Thales of Miletus and has come down to the present was wrongly interpreted.

What actually was the theory of the "water of life" that Thales brought from Egypt? We shall examine two passages identical except for one change . Aristotle had Thales teaching that:

Water is the chief principle of all things.Everything proceeds from it...

...constantly arising, and to water everything returns.

The changes in things are dictated by compression and hardening.…

The incorrect translation of the knowledge coming from the distant past was the consequence of a misunderstanding of the meaning of the relevant hieroglyphs; in particular the hieroglyph []that bore the meaning of the concept of energy and resembled a "wave" is still today interpreted as "water"[74]. Take a look at this symbol []. It greatly resembles a sine curve. In mathematics the sine curve is used to describe wave or vibration processes. Such an analogy is natural given the observation of the movement of waves on the surface of the water.

Everything that comprises the nature of material is a consequence of various vibrations in the environment. Therefore the symbol that resembles a wave was used as naturally reflecting the essence of this process.

If we replace the word water in the statement above with "energy", we get close to what lay at the very foundation of the doctrinal world view of the Ancient Egyptian priests.

Energy is the chief principle of all things. Everything proceeds from it... constantly arising, and to energy everything returns. The changes in things are dictated by compression and hardening [of energy].

The meaning of the symbol becomes even more obvious when the eyes scanning across one of the walls in Toth-Ankh-Amon (Tutankhamen's) burial chamber light on the depiction of a priest. Above his hands is the familiar hieroglyph, indicating that the priest's hands are radiating energy that not only ancient, but contemporary psychics and spiritual healers use to influence the energy structure of others.

In the light of this, the "Myth of the Creation of the World" assumes its true meaning, revealing to us the secret of what the ancient pre-dynastic priests knew about the beginnings of all that exists.

"In "the beginning of beginnings" there was nothing:
no air, no light, no sound, no sky,
no earth, no fire, no life,
no death - only the endless, immobile Nun immersed in gloom (the Ocean of Primordial Energy).

God created himself out of the primordial energy.
His name was Everything and Nothing (Atum)…»

(translated from the Ancient Egyptian)

Sarcophagus of Sety I, twelvth devision of Duat
Volley of the kings.

The sun god in the form of KHEPER in his ship that is held up by NU and that he gives to NUT.
NU is depicted amid wavy lines. The depiction indicates that everything described is taking place in the energetic sphere.

The integrity of this knowledge and the wide spread in deep antiquity of a single language of symbols is demonstrated by signs discovered on the walls of dolmens scattered across the Black Sea coastal area and the mountains of the Western Caucasus.

The texts and the structures on which this symbol was placed related to practices (processes) linking the human being with the "source of Life" , with purification (stimulation) by a flow of energy. мов организма, путем синхронизации с потоками энергии, идущими от ядра Земли[103]. Поэтому на некоторых дольмена можно найти вертикально изображенные пиктограммы, символизирующие поток энергии идущей вверх.

Speaking of energy, the vitally active element of creation, from which all the great variety of life proceeds, at the beginning of the new millennium we can understand what lies behind these words. For centuries this ancient knowledge remained inaccessible for humanity immersed in the gloom of ignorance as it had been in Aristotle's time.

More than 5000 years before Thales visited the country, the Ancient Egyptian priests had precise scientific knowledge. And only the vanity and blinkered attitudes of certain representatives of the world of science who still do not wish to acknowledge such "predecessors" prevent the study and appreciation of the stone testimony of the Ancient Egyptian culture as an embodiment of scientific learning and techniques, especially in the field of medicine and parapsychology, on a comparable level at least with contemporary attainments, and in a number of instances going far beyond our present mastery.

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