One of the facts confirming and illustrating the existence of energy projections of the hypothalamus and hypophysis may come in the form of photographs taken during investigations into an incident that happened on the night of 8 January 1991 to Alexei Popov, leader of the team of machine-operators at the Komintern collective farm in Sarai district of Riazan region (south-east of Moscow).

That night he was performing his duties in the farm's feed plant. Making the round of the yards, he got in his car and had driven about two metres when suddenly a narrow beam of white light from above appeared in front of the car. The engine stalled and the cassette that was in the player was ejected. Stunned, Alexei glanced at his watch. It showed 3.15 a.m. And literally within seconds an object descended from above that somewhat resembled the relatively small, squarish vans used in Russia as ambulances but was very strange in having neither windows or doors. The object came down completely silently about ten metres from the car and - this stuck in Alexei's mind - exactly on the junction of two local roads.

Obeying his instinctive fear, the witness locked all the doors of the car from the inside and became totally alert.

A rectangular door came out from the object and then moved away to the side and out of the opening came a tall (about two metres) being in a dark, tight-fitting costume who looked like a man. The figure approached the car and as he did so the door locks sprang open by themselves. Coming up to the left-hand side of the car, he opened the door himself and spoke to the terrified driver who was clinging tightly to the steering-wheel in Russian, but with some strange accent.

The figure and Alexei had a brief conversation, after which a woman of the same height came out of the object, approached the car on the opposite side, opened the back door, glanced inside and returned to the object.

"A second person is a hindrance. We should go away now and you will drive to the garage. A man with a tractor is waiting for you there," ," the figure said and returned to the UFO.

Three red lights appeared on the top of the object. The ship rose silently and disappeared. It was 3.20 a.m.

Alexei started the car and drove off. On the way he did indeed meet a second person, Ufimov, on a horse, and at the garage the machine-operator Semion Mikhailov was waiting for him as he could not get his tractor to start.

This incident was investigated by the Riazan Regional Committee for Anomalous Phenomena. A slightly raised level of radiation at the putative landing site (15 microrontgen against a background of 8mR) provided indirect support for the witness's statement about its location.

A most interesting aspect of the investigation was the results of photography carried out directly at the landing site.

The photographs produced provided additional support for the witness's identification of the landing site. In the picture it looks like a large dark patch behind the female figure's back, although the spot was totally unremarkable to the naked eye.


The most astonishing thing, though, was that the photograph recorded the presence of mysterious bright vertical columns of energy emanating from the heads of the people at the landing site when the photograph was taken. In order to make these columns more easily visible we provide a second version of the photograph with enhanced contrast.

These "columns" are nothing other than the accidentally recorded energy projections of the hypothalamus and hypophysis, on which the "crowns" of the Ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs were focussed.

It is remarkable too that in the photographs we can clearly see the shape of these structures that people relate to the 6th and 7th energy "shells".

In point of fact these energy structures do not have the shape of a "cocoon" or "shell" around the person's body. They take the form of energy structures located around and above the person's head and surging upwards from it. Incidentally it is their height that determines the individual's parapsychological capacities.

These energy structures perform an extremely important function in the energo-informational interaction of the mind with the surrounding world. With their help a person can receive information from the Earth's information field, and through the Noosphere make contact with the information sources of other planetary systems. With the aid of these energy structures healers diagnose and treat their patients, sometimes even at a distance. Finally, with the aid of this energy canal that which people call God or the Creator interacts with us. It is this energy canal that is activated when a person addresses God and as a consequence there is a slight sensation of pressure in the centre of the palm, as that is the location of the energy projections of the 6th and 7th chakras (the hypothalamus and hypophysis). Already in ancient times it was noticed that regular repetition of a mantra (prayer) improves a person's psychological and physical state. In other words, addressing God (consciously attuning oneself to God) produces a response in the form of a downward flow that also has a corresponding influence on a person's psycho-physical structure.

It should be noted that the influence of the residual field at UFO landing sites activates the human energy structure. There are a number of recorded cases when people working at landing sites presented positive shifts connected with the opening of the capacity to see subtle field structures and the activation of sensory abilities.

There are many known examples directly or indirectly indicating the Ancients' highly profound knowledge in the realm of natural science, parapsychology and the make-up of the human being. The horizons of their knowledge lie far beyond the bounds covered by modern-day science and today we rediscover what was well known to people in the distant past purely by chance. The photographs shown above are a good illustration of this, linking past and present, helping us to understand what has been obscured by the sands of time.

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